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Traffic P2P Countries # IPs Logs Clients Trial Protocols Offers
unlimited filesharing allowed 94 15000+ No Logs Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 30 Days Money Back Guarantee OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, PPTP View Offers
unlimited filesharing allowed 60+ 40000 No Logs Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android 7 Days Money Back Guarantee PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN View Offers
unlimitiert filesharing allowed 190 120.000 Yes Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android 30 Days Free Trial OpenVPN (Windows, Android), IKEv2/IPSec (Mac, iOS) View Offers
unlimited filesharing allowed 9 unspecified No Logs Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android 7 Days Money Back Guarantee OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec View Offers
unlimited filesharing allowed 32 unspecified No Logs Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android No L2TP/IP, PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN View Offers
unlimited (Premium) partially 12 unspecified No Logs Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS Free Version IKEv2, IKEv1, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec View Offers
unlimitiert partially 141 80000 No Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android 7 Days Money Back Guarantee PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP View Offers
unlimited not allowed 10 unspecified unclear Windows, Mac, Android, iOS No OpenVPN, PPTP View Offers
1TB/month partially 10 unspecified No Logs Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 7 Days Money Back Guarantee OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP View Offers
unlimited unspecified 6 unspecified Yes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 1 Day For Free (1GB Traffic) PPTP, L2TP View Offers
unlimited unspecified 4 unspecified Yes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 7 Days Money Back Guarantee PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SSTP, SSH/SOCKS, StealthVPN View Offers

Best VPN Providers 2022

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What is a VPN?

Virtual private network or VPN is a highly secure network that behaves like a private network over the shared public network. Unlike private networks where dedicated lines between two points are established for security purposes, VPN network establishes a virtual link between two ends of the network through some security protocols such as, point to point tunneling protocol (PPTP), OpenVPN, and Layer Two Tunneling Protocol/Internet Protocol Security (L2TP/IPSec).

VPN services are used to reduce the cost of private networks and to provide high level of data security through different security schemes such as, encryption, authorization and authentication. The virtual private network (VPN) services are being offered by many companies as web based services to hide the identity of an internet user from external network users through numerous security mechanisms. The VPN networks are also capable of hiding the original IP address and thus; it can allow users to bypass the IP based restrictions on different websites and entertainment channels.

In today’s modern business environment, it is very critical for a company to have its employee access to its work place from remote locations. To cater this need, those companies purchase VPN services for their employees to get access to their work place through a VPN service to keep their valuable data secure and safe while traveling over public and shared networks.

Why Do I Need a VPN Service?

A VPN service has become very popular nowadays owing to its great features related to security and anonymity browsing; a large number of VPN service users across all domains of industries as well as normal users are using this service for different purposes. It helps you to access the regionally blocked contents and keeps you anonymous from external malicious users and government agencies while browsing on the internet.

You can have access to your favorite entertainment channels and websites from anywhere and anytime bypassing the regional restrictions. For a business user, it offers reliable and secure transfer of data from one place to another without compromising its integrity and safety during the course of transmission over public or shared network.

How Can I Watch US TV Worldwide with a VPN?

You can watch US TV worldwide via VPN services offered by many websites across the globe. Those companies have many VPN servers installed at different locations in many countries that will help you access the regionally restricted TV channels and entertainment websites. So is the case of US TV channels; the VPN service providers have servers in USA and when you request for US TV service you are directed to reach those servers through your local client and subscription with the service provider.

Those servers change your IPs of origination and thus, you appear to be in USA for those channels and websites that impose restrictions on extra regional access. Those channels see local IP addresses of origination and oblige the request to access the US TV channels. Thus, you get access to those US TV channel from all over the world smoothly.

Can I Watch TV from My Home Country Via VPN While on Vacation?

Yes. You can watch TV from your home country while on vacation through a VPN service. Those TV channels from your home country normally impose geographical restrictions based on the IPs of request senders; but, you can unblock those restrictions with the help of VPN services that take your service request to the VPN servers, which change your IP address of origination and give you a new IP to send access request to your home country TV channels. Thus, you appear local for those channels and they grant access to your request for watching channels without any restrictions.

Can I Use SKYPE, YouTube or VOIP Even If It Is Blocked?

Yes. You can access all blocked services such as SKYPE, YouTube, or VoIP services from all locations where they are blocked. Again the activity for accessing those services is accomplished by the VPN servers that hide your requests from external sniffers and restrictions by creating a communication tunnel with help of tunneling protocols. You reach to the VPN servers of the service providers from where you are redirected to access those services anonymously and then the communication is hidden through different modes of encryption and tunneling protocols. You can access all blocked content from restricted areas very easily with help of latest VPN services.

Can I Access Blocked Websites with a VPN?

Yes, you can access blocked websites with the help of a VPN service easily. Normally, websites are blocked based on their IP and domain names in a certain area or regions, and a VPN hides your request for those websites locally. The communication with blocked websites takes place through a tunnel established between user and VPN servers; thus, it is not traced by the ISPs that have blocked the IPs and domain names of those blocked websites. A VPN service also encrypts your data transmission from one point to another through different encryption protocols. Thus, you are able to access the blocked websites with a VPN service.

Can I Surf Anonymously with VPN?

Yes, you can surf the internet anonymously with a VPN service. Your VPN service provider changes your local IP address of your origination and allocates a new IP from the server IP pool and thus, you are a strange browser for any malicious users or hackers to snoop your browsing history or tracking your internet using behavior. Meanwhile, a VPN service encrypts your data during transmission; therefore, you are fully secure while maintaining your anonymity.

Can I Pay Anonymously for a VPN with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can pay anonymously for VPN services with bitcoins on numerous VPN service provider websites. But yet, some websites don’t support bitcoin payment options. The number of VPN websites that accept anonymous payment method is increasing rapidly as the Bitcoin payment method is getting more and more popular on the internet.

Can I Bypass Traffic Throttling by My ISP?

Yes, you can. It is a tested fact that a VPN is cable of bypassing traffic throttling implemented by your ISP. The reason for this capability is that your communication is completely encrypted and your ISP does not know what type of traffic your communication is carrying. I such situation, you are fully isolated from general throttling policies of your ISP owing to the fact that you are communicating fully within the tunnel established by your VPN provider. So, you enjoy your full speed on your VPN connections.

Can I Download Files with BitTorrent with a VPN?

Yes, you can download files with BitTorrent through a VPN connection. This (BitTorrent activity) even becomes isolated from the neutralization policy of your ISP due to your VPN tunnel, which keeps your activities hidden from your ISP management. Thus, you do not suffer ISP throttling and get good speeds of BitTorrents while downloading files with a VPN service. And you can also download files from usenet with your VPN. More on that on

What Is Important to choose “the best” VPN Provider?

As we know, there are numerous VPN service providers offering many kinds of VPN services in different attractive packages and plans; therefore, it is very important to take care of some fundamental criteria of service while selecting a VPN service provider. There are many important things that you should be taken care of while choosing a VPN provider; a few salient points are given below:

  • The number of countries and regions where company has service operations
  • The number of servers and their locations spread across the globe.
  • The number of IPs used by VPN servers of the company.
  • High speed servers and unlimited bandwidth utilization.
  • Support for different processes such as, file sharing, torrents, number of channels and websites supported for unblocking and others
  • Support of different latest protocols such as, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and Chamaeleon, which is a proprietary protocol used in China.
  • Support for different operating systems such as, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and others.
  • Support for different types of devices such as, Mobiles, Tablets, Routers, Laptops and others
  • The features and capabilities of VPN client software such as, lightweight, session management features, Kill Switch, Easy to Use, and others.
  • Number of allowed server switches for a subscription; it should be a larger number, ideally unlimited, to enjoy the service smoothly.
  • What type of logging policy is in place such as, No logs at all, Full Logs, Providers Logs or Zero Knowledge about the log policy.
  • Support for multiple devices simultaneously allowed or not; ideally, VPN service should support multiple devices at a time.
  • Is a free trial service supported or not?
  • Is a money back guarantee applicable for all plans and subscriptions?
  • Is a proper refund policy documented and in place?
  • Prices of basic plans and other discount options
  • What types of payment methods are supported?
  • Is an anonymous payment option through Bitcoin supported?
  • Is there any affiliate program or commission based programs to earn discounts and commissions?
  • Is the origination of IPs tracked or recorded?
  • Support for unlimited bitTorrent downloads
  • Support all routine applications such as, chatting applications, web browsers, video streaming, audio applications and other popular software.
  • World class customer support should be in place through multiple mediums such as, Live Chat, Emails, System Tickets, Online Forums, Discussion Groups, Knowledge Bases, Telephone and others.

The top 10 most popular blocked websites worldwide:

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  2. — 9.9%
  3. — 8.1%
  4. — 6.4%
  5. — 2.3%
  6. — 2.2%
  7. — 1.4%
  8. — 1.3%
  9. — 1.2%
  10. — 1.2%

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