Unblock ITV with a VPN

ITV is among the very conspicuously known TV broadcasters and producers in britain. They possess a large number of TV programs and air these (and sometimes movies) across their big family of stations. In addition they give you a catch up TV service, known as “the ITV player” that’s also exclusive to UK residents.


This exclusivity is a difficulty for ITV enthusiasts travelling to other states or living in. As all ITV content is shielded with geo-blocking, they can not get any applications because services are restricted to the UK. Geo-blocking works through limiting users’ access according to their place. Based on users’ IP addresses, geo-blocking identifies and blocks all traffic originating from outside a specific geolocation (which in this scenario is the UK). So whether you are striving to see shows through the ITV player or through another supplier (such as Netflix), you will not get access unless you’ve a UK IP address.

Why limitations?

ITV can not let users in other states to view their content because of airing and copyright deals. Their providers need the protection of the content as they are going to mean to sell broadcasting rights on to other broadcasters in states that are various. It’d be a breach of contract if ITV did not control screening to the UK and they could be held liable. There is also a danger of a loss of income from ITV as content already accessible wouldn’t provide the high evaluations needed by the customers of ITV.

Unblocking ITV

Although geo-blocking sounds impenetrable, ITV content may be unblocked. The easy alternative would be to make use of a VPN. Virtual private networks enable you to beat the difficulties of geo-blocking, so will let you get ITV content wherever your place.

A VPN operates by enabling a user to attach from an outside place to your safe network. Usually using a username and password login, the user’s computer can connect to your option of the networks’ servers (although the selection of server is determined by the geo-blocking rules in place). After connecting to your server, data traffic is encrypted through the server of the network in the user’s device, seeming as if their traffic is originating straight from your server and not their real place.

Since the traffic rerouted and is encrypted to the planned site through the server of the VPN, an individual is assigned a temporary, alternate IP address that will be sourced from the state of the server.

That is the way a user can unblock the services of ITV. As an example, in case the VPN server you connect to is located in the united kingdom, you’ll be assigned a UK IP address. This rerouting thus enables a VPN user to seem to be from the broadcast medium state (in this particular case the UK) and this enables them to access the limited ITV content. This unblocking procedure may be used for ITV’s enforced geo-blocking, but can be utilized to get past authorities any router limited sites and limited websites.

Important Items to Consider

Not all VPNs have servers in great britain so it is important when selecting a VPN supplier to assess this. Additionally, as the avoidance of geo- blocking may raise some problems that are legal, the degree of encryption provided by a VPN supplier also changes, so make sure you select one which offers an encryption amount that satisfies your requirements.

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