Whats the best VPN for BBC?

The BBC has been in service since 1929, when it was just a project by inventor John Logie Baird who ran it through the BBC Radio transmitters after the 11pm sign-off. Today, the “Beeb” broadcasts in 28 languages. For the Americas, there is BBC America and BBC Canada. BBC World News is available in 162 countries. BBC Kids is available only in Canada and CBeeBees is available in South Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America (Mexican broadcast only), Poland, and US (Spanish only).

For the UK, there are a number of stations: BBC one through four, BBC HD, CBBC (children’s programming), BBC News Channel, BBC Sports, and BBC Parliament. Perhaps your child has a school project coming up on the politics of nations or needs to study up on the “lost wax” method of casting a bronze sculpture: the BBC website is full of free educational resources that are not available to those outside the UK.

The trick is accessing it all.

By tunneling in via a Virtual Private Network server based in the UK, you will be able to access much of the BBC content. You won’t be able to watch the live content, however, as that requires a valid British television license (the site checks) but you will be able to access pre-recorded clips and shows as well as the plethora of educational content the BBC offers for teachers and parents of students of all ages through the BBC Learning page.

Which VPN is best for unblocking BBC abroad?

A Virtual Private Network functions almost like the Popemobile: you can go pretty much anywhere you want in extreme safety and others will see only what you allow. You log into a server that acts as a portal to the rest of the web in much the same way the various computers and game consoles in your home are all fed by the one router or modem. Your connection with the server is usually encrypted, meaning that even if your ISP or a government body copies the data stream, it won’t do them a lot of good.

By contrast, surfing through your ISP’s server leaves you open to having your unencrypted data stream copied and skimmed of valuable information such as usernames and passwords and having your history and email examined by officials.

This is particularly significant in countries where ISPs are required to keep copies for law enforcement or government officials and in areas where access to certain news services is restricted by law.

The world is full of geographic and regional boundaries, borders, and limitations. With Virtual Private Networking, you can experience the Internet as it was always meant to be – open to all, without borders.

Here are the best VPN Providers for watching BBC abroad:


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