Best VPN for Football Streaming Online

All content is not created equal – introducing the great equaliser!
When it comes to the wide web of streaming content, the sad truth is that some content is much easier to stream than others.  Movies?  Music?  Children’s shows?  Adult content?  Throw a virtual rock and you’ll hit five providers and knock over seven.  Sports?  Oh, dear.  Not so much!

Sure, you can watch clips and highlights and maybe find the odd recorded game but if you want to watch live streaming sports, you have to work for it and put up with a whole lot of annoying popups and banner ads.  Sports is a huge industry worth billions annually around the globe.  The more ardent fans think nothing of spending hundreds or even thousands of euros for season tickets or dropping the cost of a week’s groceries on a single game.  That’s not even mentioning the pools and other forms of betting, both online and off!

The difficulty of accessing content even varies depending on the sports.  American Baseball?  Not a problem – it’s everywhere!  But football, now – then it becomes tricky:  did you mean FIFA or NFL?  Does your country have broadcast rights? Does your country even have a league?  These are things that impact online availability.

How to watch Football online with VPN?

Now let’s say you’re a Spanish ex-pat living in the south of London.  How will you access live Spanish football matches?  The big games will likely not be a problem but you want to watch your home team play in the regular league.  Odds are high that if you go to the website for the purpose of throwing your money at them, you’ll be confronted with a curt message informing you that you are geographically blocked from viewing the content due to licensing restrictions in your area. It’s rather like being stuck at the back of the queue for the ticket wicket – you can jump up and down and wave your charge card all you like, but they’re just not going to see you.  It’s not just spectators who really need access: amateur and beginning players scrutinize  games to pick up strategy and skills while support industries such as medical services, hospitality, and sports equipment need to keep up with what’s happening on the pitch in order to target their own activities.

A Virtual Private Network is rather like a personal escort that takes you past the unwashed masses waiting sullenly in queue straight to the nice, smiling lady who can’t  hand you your access pass fast enough.  Contrary to the common perception of VPNs as  portals to all kinds of dark and illicit deeds, you are actually enriching your favourite football franchise by injecting revenue they would not otherwise get.

When you log into a server in your home country, the franchise’s licensing is not jeopardized (because the stream is going to an IP within their licensing area), yet you have full access to the latest games streaming live from home.  For real fun, call up your family and friends back home using your favourite video conferencing and you can all watch the game together.

Football franchises think they are protecting themselves by keeping to rigidly defined licensing areas but in reality, they are cutting themselves off from fans around the world.  Through VPN, live football matches are now available to fans no matter where they live.

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