Best VPN for Streaming Video

Celebrities don’t have to deal with border crossings.
When a celebrity visits a country to do a show or make a film, they’re not standing in the line with the general crowd. Oh, no – they’re personally escorted around those inconvenient line-ups to a private area where polite personnel take care of all the pesky details. logo-hbo On the Internet, a digital version of a celebrity doesn’t have that luxury. They leave their home on the server and then have to travel from point to point, making sure not to enter any countries that don’t allow them in due to licensing or legal restraints. By the time they’ve made dozens (even hundreds) of hops all around the globe to get to you, they’re tired, their makeup is a mess, and they’ve lost half their luggage. In other words, the signal is degraded, sometimes to the point it’s unusable.

Enter the Virtual Private Network. In one respect, a VPN acts rather like a chauffeured limousine with tinted black windows and a security detail: once you log into the server, everything is encrypted, so nobody can listen in on what you’re doing online. logo-huluYour ISP or other “interested parties” cannot record your data stream, which is very important if your ISP is required by law to do so or if there’s an authority who likes to listen in and read emails. They know you’re in the limo – but that’s about it. Some VPNs are required by law to keep logs but the only information kept is your username, the date and time you logged on, and how long you were on for.

Whats the best VPN to stream Hulu, Netflix and co?

In another respect, a VPN acts as a personal jet coming into an airport. You log into a server located in the country of your choice and it’s like your jet has landed at a private airfield and you just call up the celebrity to come visit. There’s no long lineups, no baggage claims, no grilling by airport security, and definitely no “I’m sorry, you cannot be here”. Any movie, any site, anything you want, you can have.

logo-pandoraThe reason the website will not prevent you from watching a movie that is not licensed in your country or stop you from visiting a site your government would prefer you didn’t is that it really can’t tell where you are. It cannot see beyond your VPN’s IP (“Internet Protocol”, or physical location) to your own IP. This is important because physical IPs are geographically assigned so, yes, the site would be able to pinpoint which country you’re in, even if it can’t get the precise address. When I search my own IP, for example, it comes up not as my small town but as the nearest major city, which is over an hour away. Close enough, on a global scale, but awkward for anyone wanting to discuss my reply to their forum post in detail. When I log into my VPN, however, I come up as being on the other side of the planet – convenient for getting the best in foreign films.

The Internet was never intended to be subject to regional boundaries and legal restrictions. Now that those are cropping up in ever-increasing numbers, Virtual Private Networking is the way to ensure that the Internet keeps the integrity that was originally envisioned.

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